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    Rotor Testing

    Rotor Tester equipment is capable of testing cast rotors of range of sizes and variety of designs. It is operator friendly and easy to maintain. It has data acquisition system that operates through software on PC.
    It offers high level analysis of individual measurement. Also allows maintaining records & generating reports with ease and flexibility.

    Rotor Testing
    Rotor OD – up to 300mm
    Rotor Length – minimum 40mm
    Defects – Bar defects, skew angle deviation, Lamination to bar shorting etc
    The system gives following outputs
    AGraphical outputs of the bar signal
    Graphical output of the eccentricity of upper end ring
    Graphical output of eccentricity of lower end ring
    Number of bars detected.
    Number of bars passing lower and higher limit criteria set for peaks
    Number of bars passing lower and higher limit criteria set for crests
    Skew angle on OD in degrees with accuracy of 0.4⁰
    The position of the defect can be known with the help of ‘Zero’ position marker provided.
    Defects that can be detected.
    Broken Or Interrupted Rotor Bars.
    Poor Or Missing Connections To The Rotor End Rings.
    High Bar Resistance.
    Short Circuit Between Two Or More Bars.
    Deviation Of The Skew Angle.
    Eccentricity of the bars from the center of the rotor.
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