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    Magnet Tester

    H30 Series
    AlniCo, Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo5, Sm2Co17 magnets are tested and their B-H and MH loops are plotted using Ferrites India make H30 series hysteresis loop tracers. The complete system consists of a magnetizer to magnetize the test piece, an electromagnet and a BH Loop Plotter. Magnets with coersivity as high as 13 kOe and more can also be tested.

    Magnet Tester
    State of Art, Indigenous Equipment for testing of Magnets.
    Wide Material Type Testing—Ferrite, AlNiCo, Rare Earth—NdFeB, SMCO₃, Sm₂CO₁₇.
    ASTM/ IEC /IS Standard Compliance.
    Measurement Accuracy—1%.
    Measurements up to 18000 Oe
    Magnet Shape—Rectangular, Ring, Cylinder, Segments
    Measurements with Surround Coils and Pole Coils
    BH Loop Graphical Display
    Calibration Traceable to International Samples
    Variety of Magnetic Properties tested
    Fully computerized system, Very Low Measurement Time,
    Data Automatically Generated and Saved.
    No Operator Skill Required, Easy Installation and Operation.
    All accessories Supplied for Smooth Running.
    Detailed Test Reports for Design Applications.
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