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    The Ferrites India make Gaussmeters with the help of Hall Probe as a detector are capable of giving direct reading of magnetic field values.
    These gaussmeters are very good for Laboratory, Industry and field studies. They are made handy, sturdy and are capable of giving correct results under hostile conditions.
    As the inherent property of digital readout, the instrument has quick response to varying fields, good readability and good accuracy of measurement.
    It therefore can make visible small and fast variations in magnetic fields which are not possible on an Analog Gaussmeter.
    Ferrites India make gaussmeters have traceability to NABL accredited laboratory.

    Calibration:Digital gaussmeter is calibrated against a reference magnet. It comes with the calibration certificate traceable to NPL, Delhi.
    Measurement features: AC, DC, Differential
    Max reading rate: 1 rdg/s
    Temperature range: Probe dependent (typically 0 °C to 75 °C )
    Display resolution: To ±31/2 digits
    Display units: Gauss (G)
    Connector: Probe—5 pin Radio connector style
    Operating temperature range: TA -40~125 °C
    Storage temperature range: TS -55~150 °C
    Sensing Area: 1.5mm x 1.5mm
    Linearity: 2%
    Temperature coefficient of Hall output voltage: -0.06 %/°C
    Temperature coefficient of input and output resistance: 0.3 %/°C
    Analog output:
    Update rate: 1 rdg/s
    Connector: 2-pin screw terminal
    Power Requirements: 230, and 240 VAC (+6%, -10%), 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 20 VA
    Connector Type: 3 Pin Std Mains Cord
    Size: 250 mm W × 210 mm D × 100 mm H
    Weight: 2 kg (6.6 lb)
    Other Accessories:
    Range increase: Additional x1 and x2 range selection can be added. Max. field that can be measured can be 40kGs in x2 range.
    Go-No Go system with relay output: Go-No Go system accepts one or two set points. Relay operates oncethe reading goes above upper set point or below lower set point.
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