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Hysterisis Loop Tracer for Hard Magentic Material


Plots the demagnetization curve.(B against H and M against H). Can be effectively used even to study coercivities of powders.The maximum size of the stack that can be tested is about 200mm in OD and about 150mm in height.

Operating Features

The equipment utilizes Windows95/98 as its working platform and with minimum adjustments required to be done by the operator offers results on the monitor. These can further be saved and or printed as a hard copy. The unit can be effectively used for Ferrites magnets as well. Different pickup coils for flux sensing enhances its utility.


The leaflet enclosed gives description and specifications of the Hysteresis Loop Tracer for hard magnetic material. Since our product is under constant up-gradation we presently offer modified specifications. Below are given relevant modifications presently being offered to you.

  • The PC utilized is Pentium based Operating frequency 400 MHz or more, 64 MB ram, 1.44 MB FDD, 10GB or more HDD, 101 key keyboard and colour monitor.
  • The software allows utilization of any type of coils for induction measurements. One set of Surrounding compensated coils is supplied along with the equipment.
  • The plots of BH product curve are available along with the demagnetization curves. Values of intrinsic and normal coercivities are displayed.
  • Special software is Windows95/98 based.
  • The unit is housed in a self contained Trolley.

Hystersis Loop
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