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Digital Gaussmeters - DG-900 and DGM-900

Ferrites India makes Gaussmeters with the help of Hall Probes as detectors which give direct reading of magnetic field values on a three and half digit LED display. These gaussmeters are very good for Laboratory, Industry and field studies. They are made handy, sturdy and are capable of giving correct results under hostile conditions. As the inherent property of digital readout, the instrument has quick response to varying fields, good readability and good accuracy of measurement. It therefore can make visible small and fast variations in magnetic fields which are not possible on an Analog Gaussmeter.

The common features of the Gaussmeters DG-900 and DGM-900 are as follows:

  • Ranges:
    It has push button selector switches to select out of three ranges of 200 Gs, 2 kGs, and 20 kGs. With the help of push button switches the instrument can be operated in either calibration or differential mode.

  • Accuracy:
    Accuracy of the field measurement is limited only by the non-linearity of the Hall Probes which is upto 1% at kGs. The accuracy of measurement other than this is +/- (0.2% of full scale + 1 digit).

  • Differential Mode:
    To facilitate measurement of small changes in a large field a differential mode is provided. Thus at any field value one can bring the scale reading to zero and measure further changes in the field on lower ranges with better differential accuracy.

  • Other Facilities:
    Analog output in millivolt proportional to the magnetic field can be taken from the instrument for the recorder.

  • Hall Probe:
    One Calibrated Hall probe is supplied along with the instrument

  • The instruments work on 230-volt, 50 Hz Mains.
    In addition to the above facilities the Gaussmeter DGM-900 is capable of measuring AC fields. It displays AC average field when operated in AC mode. For AC field measurement however, a special AC Hall Probe has to be utilized.

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