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About Ferrites India

Ferrites India has been handling Research and Developmental work for more than 20 years and has interdisciplinary expertise, which gives it an edge when it comes to accepting new challenges.

Ferrites India was setup by Dr. N. G. Nanadikar about 25 years ago.

With his M. Sc. and Ph. D. in Physics from I. I. T. Bombay and subsequent involvement in research and development of magnetic fine grained ceramics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Dr. N. G. Nanadikar was motivated to explore the possibility of actually putting the knowledge to practical use and test it in the field.

Ferrites India initially functioned as a consultant for magnetic material manufacturers. It simultaneously realized the gap between the need and availability of instruments for magnetic measurements. Instruments like Digital Gaussmeters; Digital Fluxmeters were developed for the first time around. Ferrites India also offered consultancy and opted to supply solutions for the magnetizing operation for industries. Further Ferrites India developed set ups for controlled demagnetization of the magnetized assemblies. This concept was introduced in the country for the first time and we are probably one of the few ones offering such equipment. This type of equipment was microprocessor based.

Extending our capability of microprocessor based equipment Ferrites India also developed systems for fast sorting of magnets and scanning of magnets. It further developed microprocessor-based controllers for machines. Controllers for winding machines, traverse mechanisms, PCB drilling machines, controllers for medical equipment were amongst them.

Since 1990, Ferrites India opted to develop measuring instruments and controllers that were controlled through PC. The PC’s were a new thing and Ferrites India quickly adopted the technology of using PC slots for data acquisition and machine control.
The Engine Indicating System, PCB drilling machine that would operate under Windows98 platform and Hysteresis Loop Tracers are the typical examples.

Our clients include few names like Crompton Greaves Ltd, GE Motors India Limited,Kirloskar Copeland Ltd., L & T Ltd., I. I. T. Bombay, BARC.

Ferrites India today has its long experience in the field of magnetics, electronics, mechanical engineering and software, which helps it to understand the client’s requirements and give them the best solution for their problems.

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